Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services by appointment only? 

Yes. Contact us by phone or email 8am-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We will typically get back to you within a couple of hours, email does tend to be the most accessible form of communication for us as a mobile vet. Appointment dates and times vary by doctor availability. The voicemail will direct you to leave information that will allow us to design our travel route to meet your needs and we will call you back within 24 business hours.

What is a mobile vet visit? 

A mobile vet visit is when the veterinarian and staff come directly to your home to provide veterinary care and services.  

What does a mobile vet visit with Serenity Veterinary Care look like? 

The Serenity Veterinary Care team, consisting of a doctor and technician or assistant will arrive in a passenger vehicle adorned with our logo. We typically perform the exam and services in your home or in a defined, safe, outdoor area as well when appropriate. A traditional physical exam is performed from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. If it is an acupuncture appointment, Dr. Scanlan or Dr. Maguire will also perform a specialized acupuncture exam prior to your pet’s first acupuncture therapy session. 

Do I need to do anything to prepare my home for a mobile vet visit? 

In preparation for a home visit from Serenity Veterinary Care, please select an area of the house you would like the exam and services to be performed. It is often best to pick an open space where your pet feels comfortable and has space to move (but not hide in an unreachable location).

It is beneficial to have readily available a list of your pet’s current medications, daily diet (including treats), and any special extras/accommodations your pet gets on a regular basis. Ideally, your pet should be wearing a collar/ harness for easy control and it may also be handy to have a leash close by. If you prefer to do the appointment outside, please have your pet secured on a harness, halter or leash and it should be in an enclosed area where your pet cannot escape if they get loose.

We love to spoil our patients and almost always have treats with us but if your pet has a favorite treat or any special dietary restrictions, we would love for you to bring them to the appointment to help improve their experience as much as possible

Is a mobile vet visit a good fit for my pet?

You may consider a mobile visit...

- If you have mobility or travel restrictions and it is difficult to get your pet to the vet.

- If your pet has car or clinic anxiety, travel sickness, restricted mobility, trouble getting into carrier, etc. It can also be beneficial to the treatment of some conditions, to observe your pet in their home environment and evaluate any changes to the surroundings that we can make to further improve your pet’s quality of life.

- If you are at an increased risk of contracting or complications associated with Covid-19.

A mobile visit is probably not a great fit for you and your pet…

- If your pet is more anxious/aggressive at home (territorial). Please note that we may find out that this is the case for your pet and make recommendations to reschedule or see a veterinarian in office as your pet’s health and safety is our number one concern.

- If the environment is unsafe for an exam or treatments such as other pets getting territorial/protective over the pet receiving treatments.

My appointment time is 3:30, but the arrival notice says between 3:15 and 3:45 – why?

While being a mobile veterinarian has great benefits, it can have some unique obstacles associated with travel including traffic, car maintenance, misguiding GPS’s, etc. so we ask for your patience and understanding with the established time range. 

What species is Serenity Veterinary Care able to provide care for?

Our doctors at Serenity strive to provide excellent care to all pets, big and small. Though we are not board-certified specialists in any specific species, we do have ample experience in treating a wide variety of critters. In addition to cats and dogs, we are happy to provide hospice care, acupuncture, and in-home euthanasia to pocket pets including rats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, lizards, etc., At this time, we are offering only acupuncture services to equine and large animal patients. If you ever have any questions about whether we would be a good fit for you and your furry (or scaly) family, give us a call or send us a message.

What if my pet needs services not offered by Serenity Veterinary Care? 

If your pet currently needs services not listed on our website, Serenity Veterinary Care may refer you to a general practice veterinarian in your local area if you do not already have an established family veterinarian.

At Serenity Veterinary Care, your pet’s holistic (physical, mental, nutritional, etc.) health is important to us. Thus, we may have recommendations for additional services, not currently offered at SVC, that would be of benefit to the complete health of the animal. With additional recommendations for services we are not able to provide at this time, we would recommend contacting a clinic who is able to perform those services. For example, we may recommend radiographs with your primary care veterinary clinic to assess the progression of arthritis, IVDD or to rule out other conditions to ensure our treatment plan is a good fit for your pet.

Finally, per current Clark county regulations we do require all patients to be rabies vaccinated if applicable. If your pet has a condition that prohibits vaccination, we request records from your regular veterinarian confirming the diagnosis of such condition. Our services include vaccinations and this would need to be performed at the appointment time if your pet is not up to date on the rabies vaccination (with the exception of euthanasia appointments).